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39+ What Is Heart Diagram Pictures

39+ What Is Heart Diagram Pictures. The pumped blood carries oxygen and nutrients to the body, while carrying metabolic waste such as carbon dioxide to the lungs. The heart is a muscular organ about the size of a closed fist that functions as the body's circulatory pump.

Heart at Butte College - StudyBlue
Heart at Butte College – StudyBlue from

Daniel nelson on january 1, 2019 1 comment. The heart and circulatory system (also called the cardiovascular system) make up the network that delivers blood to the body's tissues. The easiest way to draw a heart diagram is using edrawmax by simply choosing a template, then export it as any formats you prefer and attach in your science report.

The human heart is a muscular organ that controls the circulatory system by pumps blood throughout the body by repeated rhythmic contraction.

The heart is the symbol of life. This system is a network of blood vessels, such as arteries, veins, and capillaries, that carries blood to and from all. The heart is responsible for the circulation of blood in our body. The cells have the ability to contract and relax through the complete life of the person, without ever becoming fatigued.

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