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Download Heart Lung Diagram Blood Flow Pictures

Download Heart Lung Diagram Blood Flow Pictures. Blood flow through the heart pg. After the blood has supplied cells throughout pulmonary circulation facilitates the process of external respiration:

Anatomy of the Heart
Anatomy of the Heart from

Learn about your heart's anatomy, blood flow, electrical system and heartbeat, heart conditions and diseases, and nhlbi research on the heart. This medical illustration depicts a diagram of blood flow through the body. The deoxygenated blood from the heart enters the lungs through the pulmonary valve as seen in the human heart diagram.

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Check out these pictures of blood. Blood is pumped out the pulmonary arteries to lung in the lungs, blood picks up oxygen, and then returns to the heart's left atrium through blood vessels called the pulmonary veins. Path of blood flow through lungs, heart, and body: Because blood returning from the body is relatively poor in oxygen.

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